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Stay order against Gautham Menon and AL Vijay

Director Gautham Menon is directing a web series titled as “Queen” with Ramya Krishna in the lead role; it said that this web series is all about the life history of the former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, the late J Jayalalitha. The shooting of this web series is in progress.

Also director AL Vijay is making a biopic about J Jayalalitha titled as “Thalaivi” starring Kangana Ranaut. This movie is produced by Brinda Prasad. And the movie is made in three languages Tamil, Telugu and Hindi.

Now J Deepa the niece of the former CM Jayalalitha has filed a case in Madras High Court, seeking stay against the directors AL Vijay and Gautham Menon. J Deepa claims that the directors are making movie about Jayalalitha without getting proper permission. She also states that, to avoid any wrong portrayal of J Jayalalita the directors must submit their script and take proper permissions to continue their work.

So the Madras high court has issued a notice to AL Vijay and Gautham Menon.

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