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Puli – Review

The base line of the story is that Genie’s are ruling over the mankind and they are causing lot of trouble to the people, Vijay defends the people and won the regime from the cruel Genie’s. By having this simple and normal baseline, director Chimbudevan made the story interesting by bringing demons, elves, talking birds, black magic and visual effects in to the screen play.

Genies are ruling 56 villages and Prabhu is the chieftain of one of the villages. He gathers the public and goes to the Genie Queen “Sridevi” to complain about the cruelness of the genies. But the Commander portrayed by “Sudeep” kills all the people and cut prabhu’s hand. After that Prabhu found a child in the river and the child is Vijay.

Vijay grownup and marries Shruthi Hassan, eventually she is getting kidnapped by the Geni’s and Vjiay is going to rescue her, Here the story begins.

Vijay has acted energetically and enjoyed with his usual dancing celebrations. HE shown a fierceness in the fighting scenes. His Tiger king scene is marvelous. Both the heroines (Shruti Haasan and Hansika) were given with equal importance. The first half is filled with shruthi and the second half is glamoured by Hanshika.

Sridevi who plays the Genie queen is looking younger and has acted well. Her eye itself has done half of her job. Sudeep has well fitted for the commander role.  Thambi Ramaya is coming through out the movie and is making us laugh.

Imman annaci, robo shankar and vidhya raman has taken up a different roles.

The first half of the movie is full of nature and greeneries, the second part is filled with huge sets. The Camera man Nutty has captured the scenes more elegantly which gives us the hugeness impression. Mutturaj’s artistic work is impressive and has helped very much in the camera works.

Songs Puli Puli will make us dance, Devi Sree Prasad has done a good job in music. Few political punch’s are there in this movie which clearly shows vijays interest towards politics.

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