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Karnan – Review

‘Karnan’ is the Tamil action drama film, starring Dhanush with Rajisha Vijayan and directed by Mari Selvaraj. The music is contributed by Santhosh Narayanan, cinematography is by Theni Easwar and the movie is edited by RK Selva. Lal, Poo Ram, Yogi Babu, Natarajan Subramanian, Lakshmi Priya and Gouri G Kishan have played key roles in the movie, produced by Kalaipuli S Thanu.

The movie is about the people of Podiyankulam, a remote village near Madurai and are oppressed by the authorities and the nearby upper caste people for generations. The public transport, bus, doesn’t stop at the village and the fundamental facilities are also denied for the downtrodden. And it is about the younger generation of the village, Karnan (Dhanush), who no longer wants to toss his self respect, just for the sake of being alive.

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The director Mari Selvaraj, in his earlier movie, ‘Pariyerum Perumal’, discussed about the lower caste being oppressed in an educational institution, in a comparatively softer way. But Karnan stands up and hits back. He rages against the enemies and attacks public properties making us to feel he is right in his side.

Dhanush is so effective in his character, creating a feel that, none other than him could have done this so perfectly. He excels in the action sequences and proves his supremacy with his expressions in the emotional scenes. The actor has played the role with a lot of conviction, without bothering to show off his stardom.

The supporting actors, Lal, Poo Ram, Lakshmi Priya and Yogi Babu also have done a wonderful performance. The romance side of Dhanush and Rajisha Vijayan, is the weak part of the movie, still Rajisha has done her part very well.

The background score and the songs of Santhosh Narayanan are very effective and the songs support the narration of the story. The close up shots and the bird’s eye view shots of Theni Eswar, elevates the effect of the movie.

The writing is clever and at the same time very powerful and engaging. The opening scene of the young girl being run over by vehicles on the road like a stray dog evokes huge emotions. And it only increases in the subsequent scenes, depicting the atrocities, the community is subjected to. The sufferings of the persecuted community are not just narrated as news, but the director takes us along with him and makes us to experience the sufferings they undergo.

‘Karnan’ is a powerful movie with a bold message, along with great performance of the cast and crew.

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