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Kaadan – Review

‘Kaadan’ is the Tamil drama, starring Rana Daggubati , Vishnu Vishal, Anant Mahadevan and many others. The movie is written and directed by Prabhu Solomon and produced by ‘Eros International’. Music by Shantanu Moitra, camera handled by AR Ashok Kumar and editing done by Buvan.

A minister (Anant Mahadevan) is in the process of encroaching in to the forest area in the Western Ghats, to build his dream project of a luxury township with golf course and amphitheatre. And Kaadan (Rana Daggubati), a nature lover, who dwells in the forest with the elephants, comes on the way of the minister with his elephants. The fight between the forest man and the powerful minister and his team, is the rest of the movie.

Rana Daggubati as the man of the forest has displayed his best ever performance and the whole movie is his. His gigantic personality adds to his performance, but his superhero activities at places, takes the credibility of the character to task and disengages the audience from him.

Vishnu Vishal is very active as the mahout Maaran, who safeguards the minister’s team from the wild elephants. His character is the follow up of the director’s ‘Kumki’ and also he falls in love with Aruvi (Zoya Hussain). Aruvi leads the rebel group, fighting for the forest. As Thambi Ramayya in ‘Kumki’, there is Raghu Babu as Vishnu Vishal’s side kick, making some humor. And all these people disappear in the second part without any trace, to our surprise.

The characterization of the other female of the movie, the reporter Arundathi (Shriya Pilgaonkar), is also not clear. We wonder why she is not doing anything relevant to the movie, other than taking videos and photographs till the climax. And the honest Police Officer Bose Venkat is impressive, but goes missing during the climax.

It seems that the supporting characters are shed out for elevating Kaadan, who turns in to a superman at the second half.

The beauty and the greenery of the forest are captured in full by the camera of AR Ashok Kumar and his works are exceptional and make the movie a pleasant watch. The graphics involving the elephants are also excellent and touching. Music director Shantanu Moitra is disappointing at the BGM and the songs give an out of the region feel.

The theme, taken up by the director is very noble, but the execution prevents the audience from engaging with the movie. There are plenty of logical loop holes and the movie is more cinematic.

The intention of the movie is to preserve forest, but ends up in faming the forest man.

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