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Theethum Nandrum – Review

The Tamil gangster action movie, directed by debutant Rasu Ranjith, released on 12th March 2021, is ‘Theethum Nandrum’. Rasu Ranjith is playing one of the leads with Eesan and Aparna Balamurali and Lijomol Jose are playing the female leads. Sandeep Raj, Karunakaran and Kalyan Sathya are playing key roles and the movie is produced by NH Hari. C Sathya is scoring the music and the camera is handled by A Kavin Raj.

Eesan, Rasu Ranjith and Sandeep Raj are friends and are involved in robbery in the nights. Eesan and Aparna are in love and they marry. After the marriage, Aparna restrains Eesan from going for the illegal activities. Deceiving Aparna, Eesan goes for the robbery with his friends one night and gets caught by the police. Sandeep Raj escapes and Eesan and Rasu Ranjith get imprisoned for a year. When they get released from jail, Sandeep meets them and insists on a last but huge plot. And Eesan gets killed in that robbery and Rasu Ranjith wants to take revenge on Sandeep for getting his friend killed. What happens next is the rest of the movie.

The two main leads, Eesan and Rasu Ranjith have acted their roles so perfectly, involving themselves with the characters and their performance is so natural. Rasu Ranjith’s dancing and action sequences are good and Eesan is determined to his character.

 The two female leads, Aparna Balamurali and Lijomol Jose are basically from Kerala and we feel both are none away from North Chennai. Aparna deserves applause for her amazing performance and in the emotional scenes, she excels. Lijomol is cute and her eyes are very expressive.

The gang leaders, Kalyan Sathya and Karunakaran are OK with their parts. Rasu Ranjith’s friend Inba, entertains us with his counters at times.

The outstanding background score of C Sathya adds to the emotions and increases the effects during the action scenes. A Kavin’s cinematography is appreciable, especially during the action sequences.

The romance scenes between Eesan and Aparna are interesting but the track of the romance of Rasu Ranjith and Lijomol doesn’t add anything to the storyline and could have been trimmed easily. Also the second half seems longer mainly due to the climax scenes.

Though the movie is executed well, we can’t avoid remembering some earlier hit movies like, ‘Subramaniyapuram’. And ‘Theethum Nandrum’ is also all about the usual fights, betrayal and revenge and also about friendship.

The performance and the execution make ‘Theethum Nandrum’, a better watch.

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