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Sulthan – Review

Sulthan’ is the Tamil action film of Karthi and Rashmika Mandanna, written and directed by Bakkiyaraj Kannan and produced by the ‘Dream Warrior Pictures’. The background is scored by Yuvan Shankar Raja and the songs are composed by Vivek Mervin. Cinematography is by Sathyan Sooryan while editing of the movie is done by Ruben. Napoleon, Lal, Yogi Babu and Ramachandra Raju have played key roles in the movie.

The movie is about Sulthan (Karthi), who was born to Sethupathi (Napoleon), the gang leader, and brought up by a group of gangsters, the henchmen of Sethupathi. After the death of Sethupathi, it becomes the responsibility of Sulthan, to take care of these men. Sulthan, not only saves and protect them, but also tries to bring them to the right path, despite many difficulties. And when they happen to go to the remote village, some farmers seek their help to protect them and their land from a dangerous gang. Sulthan’s struggle in saving the village and reforming his men is the rest of the movie’s story.

The movie has much resemblance to the very popular Japanese film ‘Seven Samurai’ of 1954 and the Mahabharata, but the writing of Bakkiyaraj Kannan is so smart and engaging. There are many sub plots, but all of them add to the progress of the main story. The charming romantic track of Rashmika Mandanna and Karthi also is very significant in the storyline and is an enjoyable relief amidst the heavy scenes.

The character suits very well to Karthi and he has proved once again that he is a fine performer. He portrays his different sides as a lover boy and as the tough action hero, with great easiness. Rashmika is charming and has enough screen space. But the director could have taken little more care in establishing her character. Napoleon has done a dignified performance and Lal exhibits his excellent performance in his role of the foster father to Sulthan.

Yogi Babu entertains us with his good comedy and Sendrayan at some places.

The director deserves appreciation for portraying the henchmen as basically good at heart and can be reformed to a decent life, if guided properly. And the drawback of the director is in not properly establishing the characters, other than that of Karthi. Also the antagonists are under developed.

The songs of Vivek Mervin are good, but don’t blend with the narrative, whereas Yuvan’s background score supports the movie very well. The cinematography of Sathyan Sooryan also is effective and pleasant to watch.

The movie is a grand production and a good watch for commercial movie lovers.

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