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Vetrimaaran – Suriya – Thanu Combo for a historical run

Vetrimaaran’s recent movie Asuran was a huge success. Actor Suriya who watched the special screening of Asuran, was highly impressed and he appreciated the director Vetrimaaran and the entire team for their great work, and he also wanted to do a movie with the director.

Director Vetrimaaran discussed a storyline to actor Suriya, he was happy with the storyline and agreed to work in it. So the director developed the full script and it’s almost ready to kick start. Since Suriya and Vetrimaaran are busy with the own commitments it seems that once they are done with their commitments the works for this movie will take off.

This is going to be a historical movie about the King “Raja Raja Cholan“. The script completely involves the construction of Thanjavur temple. Now the team is under discussion of recreating the Thanjavur temple for shooting. Either the team has to make a set up of the Thanjavur temple or it has to be done with the CG work.

Anyways it seems to be a huge budget movie. V Creation of Kalipuli S.Thanu is likely to take up the production work for this historical movie.

Hope this movie comes out well and breaks down the records of Baahubali

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