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Trip – Review

Trip’ is a Tamil, comedy crime adventure movie, directed by debutant Dennis Manjunath, starring Yogi Babu, Sunaina and Karunakaran. Also there is an ensemble cast of Praveen Kumar, Jenifer, VJ Siddhu, VJ Rakesh, Kalloori Vinoth, Rajesh Siva, Adhulya Chandra and many others, including Motta Rajendran. The movie was produced by AViswanath and Praveen Kumar, Music by Siddu Kumar; camera handled by Udhayashankar and was released on 5th February 2021.

The movie starts with the introduction of the tribal turned cannibals, living near the Andaman Islands. Coming to the present, a group of friends including Sunaina, Jenifer and Praveen Kumar are going on a trip to Kodaikanal. There in a jungle, they come across two innocents, whom they mistake for murderers. The innocents are Yogi Babu, a carpenter and Karunakaran, a painter, who come there for repairing a house.  And members of the friends group die one by one mysteriously and they all come together and the story follows.

The first half seems to be influenced by the horror comedy ‘Tucker and Dale vs Evil’ and the second half turns to be a horror thriller, influenced by ‘Wrong Turn’. Despite the presence of Yogi Babu and Karunakaran, there is no comedy worth. It is funny to have jokes on physical looks of people, in a movie which advices not to judge people with their looks. There is no humor in the comedy and it is no good for a successful actor like Yogi Babu.

There are many logical miss outs like why they didn’t sort for police assistance, moving individually after deciding to move in groups and so on. The scenes are predictable and the leading to the climax is long drawn.

In the friends group, only Sunaina and Jenifer had performed well and Sunaina has less scope comparing to her earlier movies. Praveen Kumar has done satisfactorily his character in the unbelievable plot and the rest of the group performance is bland. Motta Rajendran’s role is also limited.

Udhayashankar’s pleasant photography of the forest sceneries and the attractive visuals make the movie liable. And the music of Siddu Kumar is perfect and adds effect to the scenes. The only single of the movie is peppy. The cinematography and the music elevate the otherwise normal movie to a higher level. The editing of Deepak S Dwaraknath could have been better in the second half.

Overall, the movie lacks engagement and the ‘Trip’ is without definite destination.

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