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Thrisha Illana Nayanthara – Review

The story spins around the love and lust between the three childhood friends (one boy and two girls) who stays in the same area. The boy character is portrayed by GV Prakash and the two girl characters are done by Manisha and Ananthi respectively.

The title of the film itself reveals the bottom line of the story. During schooling, GV and Ananthi are in love and at some point they both broke up. Manisha who is already in love with GV seized the opportunity and proposes GV and he accepts Manisha’s proposal because of the anger over Ananthi out of the break up.

Later, GV fight’s with Manish because of her drinking habit and goes to Kumbakonam where he met his ex-girlfriend Anathi and fell in love with her once again. The remaining part of the story is that if Ananthi understands GV’s affection or she rejects him and what happens to Manisha.

VTV Ganesh’s comedy worked well and Simran’s performance fulfilled the second part where she provides ideas for the patching up of the leads.

The movie is rich in adult content. GV is drinking throughout the film and uses obscene words all over the movie along with VTV Ganesh. Ananthi’s sensual dialogues and Manisha’s alluring glamour has added the adultness of the movie.

We must mention that the director Aathik Ravichandran has excellently scripted the latest generation’s mindset towards love.  Yugi sethu,Robo Shankar and Manohar has performed their roles perfectly. Overall the movie is a treat for the youths but it is doubtful that everyone could enjoy it.

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