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Sadhuram 2 – Review

Sadhuram 2 Movie Review

Sadhuram 2 movie directed by Sumanth Radhakrishnan is the first ever philanthropic thriller in Tamil. The movie starts in a dark room where a doctor, who has an affair with his colleague and a photographer, who captures the secret life of people and threatens them to snatch a good sum of money are tied on either sides of the room with a cruelly killed dead man to show them that, in what type of trap they are. The both being clueless, a cassette playing tells them, if they fail to utilize the given time in right way to get out of it, they will be finished off. Why they are trapped, who does all this and what is the reason behind this is revealed with a nonlinear screenplay.

Yog Japee as the doctor has done a good job along with him Raiz, Brihadish, Roheit Nair, Suja Varunee and Sanam Shetty have done their part well, but no one’s performance is much appreciable. The movie manages to engage the audience with the fast moving screenplay and the curiosity of knowing what will happen next. The techniques that the psycho killer uses are really interesting and brings the audience to the end of their seat.

This movie is inspired from the Hollywood movie Saw, the director has rightly recreated it for the Tamil audience by adding some emotional flavors. Kudos to the director for presenting the movie raw, without imposing any comedy or commercial factors. The movie is very crisp with the running time of 95 minutes, for a nonlinear screenplay editing is quite challenging but Raja Sethupathy has succeeded in it. Girish Gopalakrishnan’s music and G Sathish’s cinematography have added value to the film. This philanthropic thriller will surely thrill the one, who haven’t watched Saw.

Sadhuram 2 is a daring attempt, which has been well depicted on screen.

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