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Nayagi – Review

Nayagi Movie Review

Nayagi Movie – Government has restricted entry into a village due to the mysterious things happening around a haunted bungalow. Sanjay who has a bad intension of intimating with his so called lover Sandhya are out for a trip, they happened to get into the bungalow. They get trapped their by Nayagi with her father. What happens to them and what is the motto of this wicked Nayagi, tells the movie.

Trisha looks glorious on screen, she comes as an evil but instead of getting scared audience are admiring her beauty. Though Trisha does the lead title character she doesn’t have much scope to perform. Being a well experienced and top actress in the industry, this movie seems as a wrong choice of Trisha. Sathyam Rajesh and Sushma Rajesh have given a decent performance. Jayaprakash and Ganesh Venkatraman in supporting roles have done their part well. Kovai Sarala, Manobala and Sendrayan have worked for comedy but they succeed in only few places. Brahmanandam might have been more utilized.

The cinematography of Jagadeesh is convincing and brings the effects of horror film. Trisha has first time sung song for this movie, Raghu Kunche’s songs are average and Sai Karthik’s background music is good. Gautham Raju’s must have worked more on editing, there are many absurd comedy scenes, that tests our temper. Being a bilingual movie there are many dubbing issues that brings a feel that it is a Telugu dubbed movie.

The screenplay of the movie is not much engaging and most of the scenes are predictable. Since it is the season of horror films its difficult for this movie to withstand in box office as there is nothing new in this comedy horror. This movie doesn’t have any heart-stopping scaring scenes also any bone tickling comical scenes. It is watchable only for the sake of enjoying the evergreen Trisha on screen.

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