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Priya Mani gives back for the Negative Comments

Priya Mani, made the debut as an actress in the movie ‘Kangalal Kaithu Sei’, got popular for her role in the movie ‘Paruthiveeran’, also for the same movie she has won national Award in 2007. She is a versatile actress who is also done Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi movies.

Recently she got engaged to Mustafa Raj, a businessman on May 27th. Hoping good wishes and blessings from her fans and well wishers, she shared about her engagement in a social network along with a picture of Priya Mani with her fiance. But a lot of criticism and negative commands arose about her engagement and family.

Irritated and annoyed of all such comments, Priya Mani has posted in a social network saying that, She is fed up with so much of hatred and negativity about her engagement news. She shared this expecting blessings and good wishes for her new journey. But seeing these negative reactions she is appalled. Also she added that, its her life and she is not answerable to any one apart from her parents and fiance.

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