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Marudhu Villain wishes to be the Director’s Actor always

R K Suresh who impressed everybody by his terrific acting in Tharai Thappattai and Marudhu has said that he always wants to be Director’s actor.

Director Bala is more able in manufacturing an actor than just introducing a hero. The actors manufactured by Bala are a step ahead of normal actors and they merge into the characters they do. The list of such actors spreads long as Ciyaan Vikram, Surya, Adharva, Arya, Vishal and so on. R K Suresh who is introduced  as villain in Thaarai Thappattai and impressed everybody with his fine acting in Marudhu, is who joined latest in this Bala’s list. The Tamil audians have given a red carpet welcome to Suresh after great villains like Nambiar, Veerappan, Raguvaran  and Prakashraj.

R K Suresh is overwhelmed with the warm welcome given by the Tamil audiens and he says, ‘This welcome encourages me and at the same time indicates me to be more responsible to sustain and improve. All credit goes to Director Bala who raised me to this level and I am thankful to him all my life’.

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