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Kavaithurai Ungal Nanban – Review

The Tamil language crime thriller ‘Kavalthurai Ungal Nanban’ released on big screen on Friday reveals how easily the common people are tossed by the officials and the aristocrats.

The movie is written and directed by RDM and produced by Rajapondiyan, Bhaskaran and Suresh Ravi.

The movie is about a young couple (Suresh Ravi and Raveena), married against the wishes of their parents and living separately in the outskirts of Chennai. One day Raveena has some bitter experience with some anti socials, in search of whom Suresh sets out in bike with Raveena. In a usual police check on the way, an unusual word by Suresh topples his whole life leading in to immense trouble.

Suresh Ravi exhibits very good acting in the emotional scenes but needs improvement in the romance scenes. Raveena has less scope in this movie to prove her but portrays the poor young girl perfectly.

 And the antagonist, Mime Gopi earns the irritation and exasperation of the audience with his terrific acting throughout the movie like a monster. The experienced antagonist has increased the intensity of his action as the story mainly depends on the brutality of his character.

The cinematography of Vishnushri adds colors as per the situation and is appreciable. The songs are pleasant to hear in the composition of Adithyha and Soorya and the background score supports and increases the effectiveness of the screenplay.

Quite common issues, which can happen in anybody’s life, are discussed in a concerned manner by the director RDM. He keeps us gloved to the seats, increasing the seriousness of the movie gradually along with Suresh getting into the clutches of the police. At time when he feels freed, troubles arrive in another form and keep us engaged till end.

And the scenes when Suresh enters the Police station, it sends chills down our spine inducing the fear of the character in to the audience. And at the climax, what Suresh does and its effect, are shown in a believable manner and is a plus to the movie.

The subject of ‘Police brutality’, handled skillfully in ‘Visaaranai’ earlier by Vetrimaaran, is openly discussed in this movie of RDM. That is the plus and also the minus of the film. A big slip from the director, we can say, is his inability to show at least one in the department as perfect.

Also revealing the end of the story in the beginning itself, reduces the thrill of the audience.

For those who have not seen ‘Visaaranai’, this movie is really a horrifying one.

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