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Kabadadaari – Review

Kabadadaari’ is the Tamil remake of the hit Kannada movie ‘Kavaludaari’, released in 2019. It is a whodunit crime thriller and Sibi Sathyaraj has played the lead role of ‘Kabadadaari’, released on 28th January. The movie is directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy and produced by G Dhananjayan. Sibi is paired with Nandita Swetha and Nassar and Jayaprakash have played key roles in the movie.

The movie is about Shakthi (Sibi Sathyaraj), a sincere Traffic cop, who joined the department with the dream of serving in the crime branch and doing big investigations. He happens to come across a murder case when the skeletal remains of some humans are found in the construction site of a flyover. He ventures into the investigations, despite warnings from his higher officials. He finds it hard to proceed when the remains are discovered to be 4 decades old.

He approaches Ranjan (Nassar), a retired cop who investigated the case initially. The drunkard refuses to cooperate initially and helps him later, after seeing his perseverance.  A small time journalist, Kumar (Jayaprakash), who is also interested in the case, helps Shakthi in solving the mysteries. How Shakthi moves forward in the case and whether he succeeds or not, is the movie is all about.

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The tall and built personality of Sibi Sathyaraj, suits perfect for the role and he displays the different emotions of his character well. Nassar and Jayaprakash exhibit their experienced performance effortlessly and engage the audience throughout the movie. Nandita Swetha is having limited screen space and plays her part well. Sampath Maitreya, who played the antagonist in the Kannada movie, reprises his role in the Tamil movie also and he was more impressive in the original version. Sathish Kumar leaves an impression, despite his brief appearance.

The screen play is engaging and the director Pradeep Krishnamoorthy is to be appreciated for avoiding romance and duets, which are disengaging materials in some movies of this genre. Also he has done the necessary improvisation in the screenplay for suiting the Tamil audience but too many flashbacks create confusions at places.

The clear cinematography of Rasamathi is very pleasant and the background score of Simon K King is a plus to the movie, but noisy at some places. The editing of Praveen makes the movie a bit racy, but it also seems to be a plus.

‘Kabadadaari’ is a faithful remake and a satisfying thriller.

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