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Bhoomi – Review

‘Bhoomi’, released on 14.01.2021, during the Pongal festival, on the Disney+ Hotstar, is the Tamil action drama starring Jayam Ravi. The movie is written and directed by Lakshman who gave ‘Bogan’ in 2017, which was better than his debut ‘Romeo Juliet’ of 2015.  Lakshman’s next movie, ‘Bhoomi’ was expected to be better than ‘Bogan’, but it seems Lakshman is back to his original again.

‘Bhoomi’ is about the NASA scientist, Bhoominathan (Jayam Ravi), who has done some great inventions on the life on Mars.  He returns to his birth place, near Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, on a vacation before his long voyage to Mars. He finds his village affected by drought, due to some corporate had drained all the underwater for selfish purpose. Also finds, his uncle, an agriculturalist, affected by this, fought in vain against the local government and the authorities, committed suicide.

The furious Bhoominathan, takes up the challenge and fights against the corporate to save the village. How the scientist tackles down the powerful enemies is the further story.

The basic issues of the farmers struggling and the corporate villain, taken up, is genuine, but is a cliche and fails to engage the audience with the movie. Right from the beginning, the writing of Lakshman is absurd and there are many logical loopholes. The NASA scientist has an answer for every problem and we are made to wonder what for we were made to get tensed, so far.

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The worse think is that our farmers are portrayed as naive and gullible, in order to give room for the heroic deeds of the protagonist. And a criminal wastage of the great artist like Saranya Ponvannan, with few scenes and very few dialogues. Thambi Ramaiah tries to give life to the movie, but the movie soon retrieves its previous tempo.

The imported antagonist from Bollywood, in helicopter and in white suit, with very poor lip sync, doesn’t make any positive impact. Another import, the lead actress, Nidhi Agerwal, appears for 15 minutes and vanishes away. The native villains John Vijay and Radharavi also are used only to elongate the plot. In fact, other than Jayam Ravi who is furious from start to end, rest all fail to make any impact.

Though the movie is not too long, we find it difficult to hold on, due to this unbelievable and unappealing screenplay.

The score and music of Imman, contributes to elevate the moments, but the magic is missing. The pain taken by Dudley, the cinematographer, doesn’t register as we are already disengaged.

The 25th film of Jayam Ravi is definitely an entertainment to his fans.

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