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Ka Pae Ranasingam – Review

Vijay Sethupathi and Aishwarya Rajesh play the leading roles Ranasingam and Ariyanchi. Direction and Writings by P Virumandi, produced by Kottapadi J Rajesh, Music by Ghibran and Cinematography by N K Ekambaram.

The story unfolds in a small village in Ramanathapuram district. Ranasingam was the hero of the villagers who fights for getting drinking water to the village. Finally he was forced to go abroad (Dubai) to brighten his family fortune, where he dies in an accident. Then the story is all about Aiswarya Rajesh (Ariyanchi – Ranasingams wife) who is forced to run from one office to another and one city to another for getting her husband’s body back. She had to fight for months together without a flicker of hope. Very sad thing is that, she hears Actress Sreedevi’s body was brought back in no time whereas she was fighting for ten long months. Things at the end are extremely disturbing and show utter cruelty on the part of Ranasingam’s Company and the Indian Administration.

Aishwarya does her role very well conveying helpless anguish as not being able to have one last glimpse of her dead husband. She displays powerlessness, grit and determination with ease. The Director reminds us again and again that India’s have-nots are really nobody. Their rights are denied by the politicians and the bureaucrats. The Director emphasizes this point fearlessly. Despite the dramatic twists given by many Tamil films, Director shows the reality boldly.

Vijay Sethupathy adds charm to his character by his acting and personality. His comedy timings make our hearts light amidst the heavy topic. As usual he shines. But the great gripe is that he is given more screen time where as the film should have been all about Ariyanchi. This may be the effect of usual Tamil movies. Actor Abishek playing the role of a Government official though had very little scope, does his role well. Cinematography is remarkable bringing the village scenes bright and beautiful. Credit to Virumandi for his razor sharp dialogues at many places.

Ka Pae Ranasingam, is painfully long, but worth your time and money.

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