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Joker – Review

Joker is movie at the right time which brings to light the loopholes in the government rules, the tardiness of the people representative and how a common man is getting affected of all this. The movie casts Gur Somasundaram, Ramya Pandiyan, Gayathri Krishna, Ramasamy and Bava Chelladurai. Raju Murugan who directed Cukoo has directed Joker and S R Prabu has produced this flick under the banner Dream Warrior Pictures. Chezhiyan has handled the camera and Sean Ronald has worked on music.

Mannar Mannan (Guru Somasundaram) is a common man in a village with minimal facilities. He himself says as the president of India and questions the government for the problems faced by the public. Both Gayathri Krishna and Ramasamy support him in his protests. At a certain point it is found that Guru Somasundaram is affected with a mental disorder. What is the reason behind this and why he behaves like this is depicted as a movie.

Guru Somasundaram has done a lead role, he has proved his acting skills in few movies Aaranya Kaandam and Jigarthanda. But this movie has brought out an immense actor in him. Each and every scene he scores, either it’s a love scene or emotional scene he shows perfection in all. Ramya Pandian has performed well and she perfectly suits the role of a typical village girl. The supporting actors Gayathiri Krishna and Ramasamy has done an appreciable job. Bava Chelladurai appears for a few scenes but gets registered with his realistic acting.

Chezhiyan’s cinematography his exactly brought a downtrodden village to our vision. The art direction is also perfect, that helps the viewers to connect to the movie. The songs in Sean Roldan music sinks with the story, also the BGM is really good that make the viewers get into the feel of the movie. Producer S R Prabu must be appreciated for his guts on producing such a political satire.

Without a big cast value the director has done a brave attempt of doing a full-fledged political satire. Taking a very serious story line and engaging the audience around 2 hours is a very difficult job, the director has achieved in this. Also his dialogues are very strong, which adds more value to the film. Though there are some flaws here and there that gets washed out by the perfect screenplay and the excellent performance of the entire cast.

At the end the movie leaves out pain and anger towards the society also it raises the responsibility of a citizen in the audience mind. This marks the success of the movie.

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