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Jeyam Ravi hopes National Recognition for his Movie

Jeyam Ravi’s last two movies ‘Thani Oruvan’ and ‘Miruthan’ hit well. Even the bollywood actors appreciated the movies. Now he is going to do a movie with director A L Vijay. This movie is going to be a historical action-adventure about the Lemuria continent. Which, This movie is going to be a very different movie, as the subject, Lemuria continent, is never touched by anybody before.

A L Vijay and Jeyam Ravi had been planning for long time to do a movie together, but only now the time has come. Rest of the crew and casting is going to be decided soon and following that the filming will start.

Jeyam Ravi has said that, A L Vijay’s way of presentation will suit his acting style, also he has mentioned that, this movie will take them to national level.

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