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Marudhu – Review

Marudhu Movie Review

Marudhu is a village based movie, which has equal room for action, sentiment, comedy and love. Vishal  and Sri Divya are doing the lead roles. Radha Ravi, Suri, R. K. Suresh and Kulapulli Leela are also doing the main roles. Music is done by D. Imman, cinematography by Vel Raj and produced by G. N. Anbu Chezhiyan. Direction is Muthaiah, who has directed Kutti Puli and Komban.

Marudhu is the character name of Vishal, who is a labour living in Rajapalayam with his very affectionate grandmother. On his grandma’s advice Marudhu goes behind Sri Divya in the neighbouring village to make her fall in love with him. But Sri Divya’s mother who is getting murdered by Rolex Pandiyan of the same  village for his political future. So Sri Divya files a case against the villian with the help of her father, hence they become the target of Rolex Pandiyan.

How Marudhu is saving them and why his grandmother involves Marudhu in this, is rest of the story.

Vishal suits his role perfectly and had worked well in action scenes. Vishal and Sri Divya’s pair looks good on screen and Sri Divya’s performance is also appreciable. The sentiment scenes of the grandmother and grandson are not boring as some comedy is also mixed with it. Suri has done his comedy role well and some places he has tried sentiment also, and has succeeded in that too. Kulapulli Leela, the grand mother, also has given a touching performance. The cinematography is remarkable and Veera Samar’s art direction is realistic.

The over build-up of Marudhu character, is missing logic and nothing new in the fight scenes. The background music is good but songs are not impressive. The movie is too long but the screenplay is very usual and has no twists or turning points.

Marudhu, usual village story quoted with action and comedy.   

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