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Jackson Durai – Review

Jackson Durai Movie Review

Jackson Durai is fetured as a Horror Comedy venture. The story line is, ‘people who are alive and dead together kill the dead ones’. The movie is directed by Burma fame Dharanidharan and produced by M S Saravanan. Siddharth Vipin has composed music and Yuvraj has handled the camera. Sathyaraj , Sibiraj and Bindu Madhavi have starred, with them Karunakaran, Rajendran and Yogi Babu have done important roles.

Sibiraj is a Sub Inspector in a village Avan Puram, where people are troubled by ghost Jackson in old haunted bungalow. Sibiraj falls in love with the village President’s daughter Viji. And to get with his love he has to compete with Karunakaran who also loves Viji. To find Viji’s man The President says, the one who stays in Jackson Bungalow for a week can marry Viji. Both Sibiraj and Karunakaran accept the challenge and stays in the bungalow. Where they find the ghosts are British ruler Jackson and a rebel Durai with their group. What happens then is all the movie about.

As the very famous and excellent actor Sathyaraj playing ghost for the first time that created a lot of expectations. Also the first look and teaser increased the expectations too. But Jackson Durai didn’t meet those expectancies. It’s neither a thrilling nor much humorous, which finally test our patience.

Sibiraj has delivered an ideal performance and Karunakaran has also done a good job. But Bindu Madhavi has no room to perform and Sathyaraj’s performance as a ghost has no novelty in it. Rajendran and Yogi Babu also have justice to their roles.

With a promising cast and a unique story line the director might have created wonders on screen, but the director’s complacent attitude in handling this is really disappointing. The cast has done a fulfilling work. The BGM does its task well. The art direction is extremely good, that it shows a haunted bungalow very realistic.

Thus Jackson Durai has fallen shot in satisfying the expectations of a horror-comic movie, which may cause it to struggle in box office.

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