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Appa – Review

Appa Movie Review

Appa Movie is yet another brave attempt of actor director Samuthirakani, which has been depicted as a movie that conveys how a child should be treated by their parents and school. This movie is written, directed and starred by Samuthirakani. Also the cast includes Thambi Ramaiah, Namo Narayana, J. Vignesh, Raghav, Nasath, Gabriella Charlton, Yuva Lakshmi and Vinodhini. Ilayaraja has worked on music and Richard M. Nathan on cinematography.

This film has portrayed the relationship between father and son elegantly with three fathers having different approach on grooming up their children. Also the movie has pinpointed the view of private schools that sees the children as just mark scoring machines. And the touch of recent time incidents in the movie makes the audience to connect with the movie.

Samuthirakani comes as a new age father who lets his son in his own way, encourages his unique talent and guide them in right way. Thambi Ramaiah is a father who wants everything in his son’s life happen according to his wish and imposes all his desires on him and Namo Narayana who hesitates to take stand on any issues, brings up his son in the same way. The different attitudes of the fathers and what impact this creates in their son’s life is the film.

The boldness of Samuthirakani for doing a film to direct and produces such a message oriented movie without any commercial elements, including songs is really appreciable. And the entire cast has done a very good job in portraying their characters. The movie has only one song which sounds good. Also the BGM of the movie by Ilayaraja is a great support, especially towards the climax. The cinematograph is also notable.

The dialogue of Samuthirakani is a great plus to the movie. But at the same time the movie has a lot of dialogues carrying messages it may test our patience. And this looks as if the movie is too long. Thought all actors have performed well in some portions it seems like they overreact to simple things. The success of the movie is after watching the movie it makes all of us to judge what kind of a father or son we are.

Thus Appa is a very bold attempt by Samuthirakani which carries some necessary message to the society.

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