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Enakku Innoru Per Irukku – Review

Enakku Innoru Per Irukku is featured as an action comedy film with the association of GV Prakash and Sam Anton after ‘Darling’. A don ‘Naina’ of Royapuram is getting aged, and he finds GV Prakash as his successor in the place of don. But GV Prakash has a frailty that, he fears of the sight of blood. How does he manages to be a don in spite of his weakness, and the problems he faces further on, is the movie all about.

The movie is directed by Sam Anton, who has done his previous venture in ‘Darling’. A Sbashkaran has produced the movie under the banner Lyca Productions. GV Prakash is paring up with Anandhi, after ‘Thrisha illana Nayanthara’. The cast also includes Nirosha, Saravanan, Charle, Karunas, Yogi Babu, VTV Ganesh and Rajendran. Krishnana Vasant has worked on cinematography and Ruben on editing. As usual GV Prakash has done the music.

GV Prakash has improved as an actor. He has worked in his body language, dialogue delivery and some aspects of a hero. Anandhi has no room to perform whereas Yogi Babu and Karunas’s performance is a great support to the movie. Also Saravanan, VTV Ganesh, Nirosha and Rajendran have done their parts well. Other than cinematography of the film other technical works are great slip ups in the movie.

Editing is very substandard that its affects the continuity of the movie also lip sync is a great issue. Most of the scenes and dialogues resemble the recent hit movies. As Lyca productions has involved, that created expectation, but the movie fails to fulfill in that aspect also. GV Prakash’s music is not up to the mark, it seems, as he is multi-tasking, he couldn’t make it in either of them. Though having all these down sides, the movie will be liked by the targeted set of youngsters.

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