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Director S A Chandrasekhar denies he is joining the BJP

Director S A Chandrasekhar, father of Tamil leading Actor Vijay, was well known in the 80s and 90s, for bringing the social issues to limelight in his movies. He has directed more than 70 movies in Tamil Telugu and Hindi. Apart from direction he did writing, production and acting also. A matter to be proud of is that, the Director S Shankar who is famous for his majestic movies, had worked as an Assistant Director with Director S A Chandrasekhar, initially.

His last movie, which Director Chandrasekhar wrote and directed, ‘Capmaari’ was released at the end of last year in which he acted as a Police Inspector.

Recently, there was news in the social media that Director S A Chandrasekhar is joining the BJP. On this week, the Director declared that the news was false and wondered where from people are getting such fake news.

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