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Dhilluku Dhuddu – Review

Dhilluku Dhuddu is the first Big Screen creation of the famous television flick director Rambala with his close friend and former lead of his flick Santhanam. This is a comedy horror, in which Kumar get locked in a haunted bungalow with his family and his fiance Kajal’s family. The reason they are caught and how did they manage to come out of this situation is the entire screenplay about.

Santhanam’s third movie as a lead, and he has shown good improvement as a hero. He has proved himself in the aspects of action and dance but his comedy doesn’t work well as other movies. The heroine Shanaya looks beautiful and well groomed also has given an decent performance, but there are some mismatch in dub sink. There is no surprise that Motta Rajendar is there in a horror comedy film. He has portrayed an important role and has delivered a commendable performance. The scenes involving Rajendran, Karunas and Anandraj bring the roof down.

As this is a movie directed by Rambala who directed Santhanam for the comedy flick Lollu Sabha, the expectations on the entertainment factor was high, but the movie didn’t satisfy the audience. The BGM of the movie has worked well but the songs are not up to the mark. The cinematography of Deepak Kumar are appreciable, his camera angles in the horror scenes plays a vital role in scaring the audience. A R Mohan’s sets are realistic and seems as a really haunted house.

Since this is a horror film season in Kollywood and the audiences are very used to these kinds of movies, Dhilluku Dhuddu couldn’t thrill the audience. Thus Dhilluku Dhuddu is a different horror comedy film which tests our patience in the first half and then compensates that by giving an extremely entertaining second half.

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