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Amma Kanakku – Review

Amma Kanakku is a story about a lower middle class woman’s struggle to give her child a better future. Amala paul is a widow and mother of a 15 year old girl, who is in her 10th standard. Abhi, Amala Paul’s daughter has no hope of her bright future and thinks that, since she is the daughter of a maid, she will also become a maid in future. How Amala Paul stimulates Abhi to dream high and achieve it, is the rest of the story.

This movie is the remake of the hit Hindi movie ’Nil Battey Sanatta’ which released few months back and was greatly liked by most of the audience. Amma Kanakku was director by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari and produced by Wunderbar Movies of Dhanush. Ilaiyaraaja has composed music for this film. Cinematography is done by Gavemic U. Ary. Amala Paual, Samuthirakani, Revathi and child artist Yuvasri are starring.

Amala Paul has delivered her best in acting but she is not fitting into the role of a lower middle class lady who does any work to earn money. There is no special touch of Samuthirakani in this movie and his natural way of acting is missing. The well experienced actress Revathi has given an excellent performance of as a well-wisher of Amala Paul. Also the child artist Yuvasri has given a commendable performance.

Mother itself joining the class of a daughter and challenging her daughter to score better marks than her, this brings in competitive spirit into her daughter and causing her to succeed. This idea is the factor that points up this film as a rare subject.

The film lags in effective screenplay. Some scenes saying the mother and daughter love must have been included and some scenes which have more space for emotion are portrayed very flat. Also here and there we can find some logical lapse. And it’s very tough to accept Amala Paul as the mother of a 15 year old girl. On the whole the director must be appreciated for the subject, but it may have been great if it was conveyed in an effective manner.

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