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Vaaimai – Review

Vaaimai Movie Review

Vaaimai Movie Review – Vaaimai resembles the story plot of a Hollywood movie. A famous politician is killed.  Prithvi Pandiarajan is accused on the murder and sentenced to death. His mother Poornima Bhagyaraj is also in the same state but she refuses to open out in front of law, as she has no hope in life after her son’s death. So the judge creates a jury of twelve members including philosopher Shanthanu, pilot Bhanu, cop Ramki, doctor Goundamani, millionaire Oorvashi writer Manoj K Bharathi, military officer Thiagarajan, a foreigner, transgender Collector, Nammo Narayanan entrepreneur from slums, IT worker Anitha and a common man. What is the discussion going on within them and what they conclude, who is the true murderer is all the movie about.

A queue of actors is involved but no one’s performance is up to the level. Sometimes Shanthanu’s performance becomes over dose and in certain places it looks dramatic. Poornima Bhagyaraj has delivered a notable performance as an emotional mother, who lost her son. Bhanu’s role as a pilot is convincing. Goundamani and Oorvashi have tried their best to bring out laughter. The veteran actors Ramki, Thiagarajan and Oorvashi might have been more utilized.

Augath the debut music director’s songs are sounding good, but reminds the songs two decades back. But his background score are good and blends with the scenes. The cinematographer doesn’t have much work, most times the movie is limited into a room. The editor has intelligently reduced the runtime to 90 minutes. Such a movie needs sound dialogues and the director has written excellent dialogues, most of the dialogues are hard hitting. Even it’s a short runtime movie there are many moments to test our temper. As most of the scenes are shot in a room, it brings tiredness. The thrills and twists needed in a crime thriller movie are missing. With an important change over required to the judicial system as a plot, the movie lags to convey it briskly with a very dull screenplay.

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