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Sangathalaivan – Review

The 2021 Tamil political drama, starring Samuthirakani, Karunas, Sunu Lakshmi, VJ Ramya and Marimuthu, released on 26th February, is ‘Sangathalaivan’, directed by Manimaran. The film is produced by Vetrimaaran, music contribution by Robert Sargunam and the camera cranked by Srinivasan Devamsam. GB Venkatesh is also a part of the crew, who edited the movie.

The story is based on a Tamil novel, ‘Thariyudan’, written by R Bharathinathan, which deals with deep issues concerned to the cotton and textile industries of Coimbatore, Thiruppur area.

Rangan (Karunas), an innocent and sincere worker of a Power Loom factory, owned by Marimuthu, finds it unfair when a colleague loses her hand in an accident in the factory and not compensated properly. He informs the union leader, Samuthirakani, who intervenes in the matter and fetches her handsome settlement. Karunas, who normally keeps away from union and politics, gradually gets involved in the union activities and takes over the leadership when Samuthirakani is imprisoned. What all happens after this and how Karunas and Samuthirakani fight the injustice is the rest of the movie.

The movie unfolds as a drama and moves smoothly with the love of Sunu Lakshmi with Karunas, the problems with Karunas family and so on. After the accident in the factory, the track changes and the movie form into a political drama with labor unions, Factory owners, agitations and so on. Everything moves right without much of deviation from the actual issue, but the climax is unacceptable.

Samuthirakani shines well as it is his area and he has sunk his teeth, utilizing every opportunity he got. His personality and the image he registered in us with his previous movies make us to feel his actions and emotions all realistic. And he is not the main lead of the movie and it is Karunas, who takes over the leadership of the union and all the responsibilities. The contrast is very obvious and Karunas hardly manages to exhibit himself as the leader.

Another important character of the movie is Marimuthu, the factory owner, fits well in the character and establishes himself as a perfect antagonist.

Sunu Lakshmi as the lead actress, who loves Karunas, despite the oppositions from her brother, portrays the village girl perfectly. VJ Ramya, as Samuthirakani’s wife suits the character well with her natural performance.

The members of the Fabcelebbio technical team have done their parts satisfactorily and nothing remarkable regarding their contribution.

‘Sangathalaivan’, the first half is organic and the second is preachy. The extremism in the climax degrades.

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