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Kamali from Nadukkaveri – Review

Kamali from Nadukkaveri’ is the new Tamil movie of ‘Kayal’ Anandhi, directed by Rajasekar Duraisamy and produced by the ‘Abbundu Studios’. Music by Dheena Dhayalan and cinematography was done by Jagadeesan Logayan.

As the title indicates, Kamali is the centre of the story and she is from a small village called Nadukkaveri, near Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu. Kamali (Anandhi) is a fun loving girl, who is not serious with her studies and her doting father (Azhagamperumal) wants to get her married soon. At the same time Anandhi’s brother, with whom her father had all his hopes, disappoints them by failing in the exams. Anandhi gets attracted towards the Chennai boy who scored first in the exams and expresses his intention in a TV interview, to join the IIT. She decides and convinces her father, for her higher studies at the IIT, only to meet the boy of her desire. From the village, without any guidance or coaching for higher studies, how she manages and whether she succeeds in her intention, is the rest of the story.

The unbelievable plot is made somewhat believable by the innocence and the seriousness of Kamali’s characterization. Anandhi fits well in the character of the playful girl who turns serious and works vigorously to achieve her goal. She excels in expressing the emotions in scenes like, when she realizes herself at Pratap’s house and when humiliated at the campus.

Sreeja, Anandhi’s friend, does her role well and lively. Prathap Pothan, as the retired professor, exhibits his experience with his effective performance, but his characterization should have been some more clear. Azhgamperumal, Imman Annachi, and Anandhi’s family members all play their parts quite naturally and aid the narration of the story. Rohit has very limited scope and does his role satisfactorily.

Cinematographer Jegadeesan Logayan adds charm to the movie with his enchanting frames. Dheena’s background scores are pleasant but the songs are not that good.

The story is nice with some good ideas, but the director lags in execution. The second half has a slow pace and some predictable dramatic scenes are the drawbacks.

The plot has the scope of talking more about the aspiring students of villages, suffering due to lack of guidance, coaching centers and facilities like libraries, for their higher studies. Also girls from villages are not encouraged by the family members to study higher. Had the director Oldlotterysambad emphasized on any of these and made the screenplay tighter, the movie could have been more memorable.

The movie is engaging and worth watching with positive elements.

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