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Indru Netru Naalai – Review

The very first science fiction novel “The Time Machine” which was written by H.G.Wells in 1985, After this novel, around the world entertainment medias using this concept and making science based subject, In the world will not want to go back in time, but change their fate or even better make some change out of it. Indru Netru Naalai movie, Vishnu and Karunakaran acted and directed by debutante Ravikumar who also create short film with this concept.

Spielberg’s “Back to the future” trilogy that made people easily know about going back to current place to past time or future time. While doing the time travel, they will face the same problem, Vishnu aka Ilango who wants to go very high and love Mia George, and after he got the continuous failures he gets drunk and that’s when a time machine sent from future lands near them by accident.

Now what you will think about time machine, the sudden thought will be to go your past days and change something and make you have bright future. This is what exactly Vishnu and Karuna doing.

The movie, there are more little elements and the director gives more importance and hard work to that become the key of the movie.After you watched you will realized the some good work behind the lens makes you go ah yes dejavu. Kudos to the director for making this for simple and fun is the movie.

A movie with such a theme is never complete without CGI and good visuals, the time travel scenes and the machine itself has been portrayed without much fuss and a believable way is the best of it. Vasanth’s camera adding to the right dose of graphics.

The screenplay is an interesting pace, Vishnu as its core, his romance, family, career, friendship are these form the movie’s stronghold. Mia George is cute and cuddly but acting wise, she should improve but she tries to emote and succeeds just about. Hip Hop Tamizha is the music composer of the film, the BGM spices up the situation especially time travel scenes.

A team gave the hard work and make it nice film to entertain all people.

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