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Eli – Review

After the two continuous failure Vadivelu films, everyone had more expectations on the film Eli. I still have hope Eli will be a film that might give the Vadivelu turned hero a break. But my expectation was wrong in this film. This film push him behind and I will not be surprised if he even failed a couple of films. However, It is a boring script but he is a professional and did his role with ease.

Seems the film was made for small kids. There were around 2-3 scenes that did evoke some laughter. Vadivelu has a bundle of talent but he was a bit overused. The expressions and the body language crossed the line. he always speak a single dialogue with body languages. But some English dialogues, which were a bit funny in Vadivelu’s style.

Eli is about a thief who becomes a spy and keeps an eye on a cigarette smuggling gang. The first half drags and moves at a snail pace. Its all about how Eli alias Eli Samy gets into the gang. second half is all about how he cracks the smuggling case. Second half of movie was supported fans to keep see the movie and it is a better than the first and moved with some purpose. First half was totally not good with a couple of songs and audience get bored. The film is set up the story in 1960s backdrop and showed was pretty good with costumes, sets, dialogues.

They needs to concentrate with screenplay and it is failed. Also the dialogues are boring and missed the humor. The film moved slowly and tested the patience especially in the first half. The question is why no one think about a screenplay. It might good for kids, because Vadivelu has some funny acting. The music was good and it helped matched with 1960s mood. Regarding, editing does not helped, may be he trimmed the film because it dragged big time. Cinematography is fine.

Vadivelu acting was good and Sadha makes an appearance in a couple of songs in the second half and adds that entertainment. And also Vadivelu’s dance moments, and romantic expressions not worked. Sadha was good and other characters are okay.

Overall the movie is watchable once in the theater. But it is not the laugh riot. Hope we expect the Vadivelu to become as a comedian instead of a hero.

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