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Enakku Veru Engum Kilaigal Kidaiyathu – Review

Enakku Veru Engum Kilaigal Kidaiyathu Movie Review

The legend comedian Goundamani has played the lead in Enakku Veru Engum Kilaigal Kidaiyathu Movie. The movie is directed by the debutant Ganapathy Balamurugan and produced by Jayaram Productions. The cast includes Soundararaja, Riythvika, Velmurugan, Ranachandran and many. S N Arunagiri, the music composer of Goli Soda has done music for this film.

Goundamani as Caravan Krishnan lends Caravans for movie shoots, he also supports and conducts marriages for couples, whose love is opposed by their families. When Goundamani goes for a trip, Soundararaja and Riythvika couple seeks refuge from Goundamani as they are being chased by the goondas of Riythvika’s father, who opposes their love. Knowing about their love Goundamani decides to help them at any cost. What are the consequences he faces then is the rest movie.

After a long time, watching Goundamani on screen with his trademark comedy punches is delightful. His fearless critics about movies, politics, social media and all annoying trends are amazing and bring out laughter. He stands as the pillar of support of the movie but some fight scenes involving him are not that realistic. The so called goondas comedy has worked well in the movie. Soundararaja and Riythvika as lovers have delivered a flawless performance. The rest of the cast also has done their part well.

There is nothing new in the songs of music director S N Arunagiri. The cinematographer has used wide lens in most scenes, which haven’t worked well for songs. The screenplay of the movie is not much effective, its just seems as a comedy series. The flashback love story is a lapse to the movie. The first half was a good go, if the same was maintained in the second half, the movie would have been a better entertainer.

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