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Biskoth – Review

Biskoth’, the Tamil romantic comedy film of Santhanam, written, directed and produced by R Kannan, is the only new movie which had a theatrical release on the festival of Deepavali.

Anandaraj, Tara Alisha, Motta Rajendran, Sowcar Janaki, Aadukalam Naren, Lollu Sabah Manohar and Jeeva are in supporting roles.

The story is about Raja (Santhanam), son of a small-time biscuit maker (Dharmarajan – Naren), who dreams of developing his business in to a big brand with his son as the head. Unfortunately Dharmarajan passes away and his friend Narasimhan (Anandaraj) takes over the business.

After many years, Raja enters as a worker in the company and faces competition from Ganesh. Raja happens to meet an old woman (Sowcar Janaki), the new occupant of an old age home, which Raja often visits. And Raja finds the stories narrated by Janaki are actually coming true in his real life and Raja urges her to narrate further stories.

How Janaki’s stories help Raja and whether Raja was able to fulfill his father’s dreams, is the remaining story.

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The movie is an inspiration from the 2008 Hollywood movie, ‘Bedtime story’, of Adam Sandler. Director Kannan has done the localizing successfully, but it could have been better if the screen play was given more care.

The movie totally depends on the counters and one liners of Santhanam, those also are not that effective as in his previous movies. Also Santhanam breaks his character at many instances for the purpose of entertainment so as like many other characters of the movie. Apart from this, the plot of the movie is very weak and revealed beforehand without any surprises.

As far as acting is concerned, Sowcar Janaki is outstanding, in her 400th film. Motta Rajendran, Anandaraj and Tara Alisha are OK.

Composer Radhan has less scope, compared to his previous movies and the songs are not memorable. The background score dominates at some places. Shanmuga Sundaram, the cinematographer, has done well but lacking cinematic effect at some places. The Art director is appreciable, especially in the spoof scenes of ‘Baahubali’ and ‘300’.

 The audience can find solace with the runtime which is less than two hours, as the second half was not at all engaging where as the first half was somewhat.

Altogether ‘Biskoth’ is edible but lacks the expected taste.

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