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Anbirkiniyal – Review

Anbirkiniyal’ is the Tamil remake of the hit Malayalam movie, ’Helen’, released in November 2019. The original movie was directed by debutant Mathukutty Xavier and starred Anna Ben and Lal. The movie received highly positive reviews and bagged 6 awards and also was nominated for 4 more awards.

‘Anbirkiniyal’ was directed by Gokul and produced by Arun Pandian and Kavitha Pandian. Javed Riaz has scored the music, camera was handled by Mahesh Muthusamy and the movie was edited by Pradeep E Ragav. The movie starred Keerthi Pandian,  Arun Pandian and Praveen Raja.

The movie is about Anbirkiniyal aka Anbu (Keerthi Pandian), daughter of an LIC Agent Sivam (Arun Pandian), who is finding it hard to meet the ends with his meager income. Keerthi gets ready for a job as a nurse at Canada, to clear her father’s debts.

She works part time at a restaurant in a Mal and she clears the IELTS test and her job at Canada gets confirmed. At this situation, one day, she accidentally gets locked inside the freezer room of the restaurant. Her father, boy friend, the restaurant staff and the police, are all searching for her and what happens further is the rest of the movie.

Keerthi Pandian had already appeared in a movie, ‘Thumbaa’, released in 2019 and she had very little scope in the movie to act. In ‘Anbirkiniyal’, she got amble of scope and has utilized the chance thoroughly. In the titular role, as indicated by her name, she spreads love and positivity in all her surroundings. The chemistry between the daughter and the father is so natural and nothing to wonder, as they are same in their real life too. She has put her full efforts to reprise all the good works done by Anna Ben in the original, and Keerthi’s charming face aids to it.

Arun Pandian performs well but seems cool and rigid at times. Praveen Raja has less scope and does his part well. Ravindra Vijay as the Sub Inspector has done a good job, but can’t compare with Aju Varghese who has done the role excellently in the original.

Javed Riaz’s background score is perfect and appreciable. Mahesh Muthusamy’s camera works are wonderful and brilliant.

Director Gokul has made almost a frame to frame remake, reducing his work, but his work is neat. The writing is very brilliant and the credit goes to Mathukutty Xavier and team. Director Gokul has used his sense of humor up to the requirement without hampering the pace of the movie.

The movie is a faithful remake and an enjoyable watch.

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