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Kuttrame Thandanai – Review

Kuttrame Thandanai Movie Review

Kuttrame Thandanai Movie from the national award winning film director Manikandan, this has created a lot of expectations among the movie lovers. The movie is based on a murder mystery. How different people are connected to a murder, who are the biggies behind this and what impact that creates on the life of those people is the movie about.

Vidharth shines as a performer. He carries out the challenging role of a tunnel vision victim in an appreciable manner. Pooja Devariya as an innocent woman has done well, though this role is drastically different from her previous one. Aishwarya Rajesh has again proved her acting skills in the given space. Rahman has done justice to his role. Nassar and Guru Somasundaram have given a matured performance.

The movie has no songs but BGM of Ilayaraja is undoubtedly a great strength to the movie, it elevates the screen play and keeps haunting in our minds. The dialogues have also added value to the film. Director Manikandan’s effort in cinematography has spoken well on screen, especially the way he detailed tunnel vision and its impacts. Editing of Anucharan is perfect with nothing more or less.

The way director has conveyed the message to society is different and gets into the heart of audience. Though the screenplay is predictable he manages to engage the audience throughout the movie. The presentation of the movie is very practical but doesn’t create any impact. Within a very small space and no entertainment factor the director has brilliantly delivered a quality movie. A must watch movie which is technically rich and impels a transformation in the society.

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