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Kidaari – Review

Kidaari Movie Review

Kidaari Movie Review – Kidaari is another addition to the rural gangster type movie. Sasikumar is a loyal monster to his leader, Kombaiah Pandiyan. In the first scene Kombaiah is attempted to be murdered and he gets hospitalized. Then the flashback reveals about the enemies of Kombaiah. Where, he has a lot of enemies which are narrated as episodes. Finally who is the murderer and how Sasikumar took revenge on him is what Kidaari depicts.

Sasikumar perfectly blends with the role of Kidaari and has been a pillar of support to the film. Nikhila Vimal as Chembha has added colour to the movie. The scenes involving her and Sasikumar are nice to watch. And the both share good on screen chemistry. But in certain scenes Nikhila reminds Nadodigal Ananya. Vela Ramamurthy as Kombaiah is the right choice for that role. Suja Varunee and Nepoleon have delivered a decent performance. And the rest co stars has also done their part well.

Rajathandhiram actor Darbuka Siva’s has done debut music for Kidaari. His BGM is amazingly good and the songs ‘Vandiyila Nellu’, ‘Thalakaalu Puriyala’ are remarkable. Cinematography of S R Kathir is pleasing on screen. Editing a non linear movie is a very challenging job. But Praveen Antony has done this flawlessly.

With a familiar story line, the debutant Prasath Murugesan has scored in his screenplay. Its really surprising to have such an intelligent screenplay from a debutant. Though it’s a raw rural type story emotions are added to it in a right proportion which makes it a good entertainer. In certain states it fails to engage the audience. As in all rural dramas it has a lot of fight sequences and violence, which might have been reduced to give viewers a feel good experience. With a usual rural story and an intelligent screenplay Kidaari is a good entertainment package.

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