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Kaithi – Review

Kaithi movie Review: Kaithi is an action thriller movie starring Karthi, Narain; directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj, music by Sam C S and produced by S R Prabhu.

This movie is a new attempt in Tamil Cinema, it completely revolves around incidents happening on a single night. Kudos to the director, engaging the audience nearly two and a half hours, with a simple and crispy storyline is not an easy job.

After a long secret mission the police gang involving Narain seizes drugs of worth many crores. A police officer from the same gang is trying to misuse the seized drugs and earn a huge sum of money. The other side the drug smuggling gang is trying to recover drugs from the police.

Karthi a recently released prisoner, who is going to meet his daughter after a long wait of ten years, helps out the police gang to save the seized drugs from the smugglers. What happened further did Karthi and Narain succeeded their mission and whether Karthi met his daughter is the movie all about.

Karthi’s character reminds the Paruthiveeran, he perfectly fits into the role. As a lead character he has done his best and has given space for many more character. Narain as an honest police officer has done a great job.

The cinematographer Sathyan Sooryan has done a commendable job. The background score is appreciable and has enhanced the essence of this action thriller movie and the rest of the cast and crew has also done a good work.

The only backlog of this movie is, it has a lot of action sequence, even though the stunts are good, at some point it is tiring. The intelligent approach of the director to the storyline, the extraordinary screenplay and the realistic performance of the characters makes Kaithi a wholesome treat.

Kaithi is yet another milestone in Tamil cinema which has proved a good engaging movie doesn’t need unwanted buildups, masala elements and mass scenes. Once again director Lokesh Kanagaraj has proved himself.

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