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Idhu Namma Aalu – Review

Idhu Namma Aalu is featured as a romantic comedy film, Simbu and Nayanthara in the lead role with Andrea, Soori, Jeyaprakash and Udhay Mahesh in casting also Jai in a guest appearance. The movie is written and directed by Pandiyarajan, cinematography by Balasubramaniyan, produced by T Rajendran and music by Kuralarasan, the debut music director.

It is a love story, in which the hero faces two break-ups and marries his third lover three times. After VTV, Simbu has shown his acting skills in this movie. Without any action sequence, build-ups and punch dialogs Simbu has scored with his natural acting. The dream girl Nayanthara’s beauty increases movie by movie. She is glowing on screen, everything she does including some cute actions, adds up beauty to the movie.

Though it is a usual love story the factor that makes it interesting is the induction of the real love story of Simbu and Nayanthara. Thus director Pandiyarajan has done a brilliant work of developing the screenplay with a real life touch. Andrea, who comes as the ex-love of Simbu has done her role perfectly. Soori has done a good job as comedian, even though none of his scenes has any impact, it really amuses the audience through-out the movie.

Simbu’s father Jeyaprakash perfectly suits the role of a buddy like father, also the chemistry between Jeyaprakash and Udhay Mahesh, Nayanthara’s father has worked well. But calling off the marriage by both of them for silly reasons is unacceptable. The audience feels tedious of the long conversations of hero and heroine through phone. As we all know their behind screen love story it’s enjoyable, but for others surely it will be a boresome.

Rhyming words in dialogues are too much, showing TR’s touch in that. Kuralarasan’s music has worked well in the songs but he must have concentrated more in background music.

Eventhough the story and screenplay are so usual, the touch of reality here and there brings some involvement into the movie.

Idhu Namma Aalu, a one time watch love story.

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