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Iru Mugan – Review

Iru Mugan Movie Review

Iru Mugan Movie is a full-fledged action thriller from the Arima Nambi director Anand Shankar, in which Vikram has done dual roles. The actor, who is well known for his experimental roles, is doing dual characters for the first time, which increased the expectations on the film.

Akilan is a RAW Agent who is assigned to trap a criminal Love, who is a chemist genius and does big destructions using bio war. What happened then, did Akilan stop Love or not is the movie about.

Vikarm’s dual roles Akilan and Love are given equal importance and he has done justice to both the roles. Especially he has nailed it as love. He blends into the character and has portrayed the effeminate nature of the role perfectly, which is not that easy for a man. Nayanthara looks stunning on screen and has performed well. The brilliant actress Nithya Menon has no room to perform but has done her part well. Thambi Ramaiah as a cope has tried to bring laughter and he succeeds in some scenes. Though the supporting cast members have done their part well, the characters don’t create big impact on the movie.

The cinematographer Rajasekhar has done a decent work, Kashmir and Malaysia looks pleasing through his visuals. Halena song in Harris Jayaraj’s music sounds great, BGM of Harris has also well supported the movie. But rest of the songs are misplaced and are not up to the mark. Suresh Selvarajan has worked hard on Art Direction and the outcome is good.

Performance of Vikram is a great strength to the movie. The twist in the interval blog ties up the audience in their seats. The inventive idea of the speed dope and some excellent stunt sequences adds value to the movie. The first half is well framed, travels in a rapid phase. But the second half lags that excitement factor and the flow is very predictable by the current audience. The movie is filled with a lot of logical lapse here and there. Thambi Ramaiah and Karunakaran’s roles are not well characterized.

Vikram and Nayanthara are the factors that make the movie watchable. It will be a good entertainer, if you never mind of any logic in films.


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