How to Respond to Truck Crashes in Colorado Springs

Trucks are essential to the U.S. economy. It transports raw materials and goods locally as well as over long distances. Owing to their size and long stopping distance, they can collide with other vehicles.

Similar to any other U.S. city, even Colorado Springs has its share of accidents. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, the number of traffic fatalities was 764 in 2022, 721 in 2023, and 231 so far in 2024. Truck accidents are also included in these numbers.

The after-effects of a truck crash in Colorado Springs are challenging. From attending to their wounds to seeking legal recourse, the victims have a lot to address. Here, the guidance of a personal injury lawyer is useful because they help with legal formalities. 

In this article, we will shed light on how you can respond to a truck crash and attain fair compensation.

Driver Injured by a Garbage Truck Near Colorado Springs Airport

In May 2024, reported that a driver was injured and admitted to the hospital after a crash with a garbage truck. According to Colorado Springs police, this accident took place at Marksheffel and Bradley, close to the airport. The police reported a person got trapped and was later rescued by the firefighters. However, law enforcement urged everyone to not drive in this area to avoid further crashes and to be safe from severe injuries.

Similarly, in February 2024, drivers were asked to avert the area between Royer and Las Vegas. It’s because crews were trying to get a semi-truck off the railroad tracks.

What Should Car Divers Do After Colliding With a Truck?

Car drivers often face accidents like the ones mentioned above in Colorado Springs. It can cause severe injuries like bone fractures, lacerations, spinal cord injuries, whiplash, rib fractures, organ damage, and other internal injuries.

Springs Law Group says that, apart from physical injuries, victims can face emotional trauma. It can cause severe anxiety and PTSD, which can affect their quality of life. Victims also suffer from acute emotional distress and sleep disruptions that can affect work productivity and other areas of life.

Hence, it is necessary for car drivers hit by a truck to respond correctly. Are you wondering how to approach such a situation? The following pointers can help:

Report the Truck Accident

You should call 911 and alert the authorities that your car was hit by a truck. Inform them about the injuries you’ve encountered and the property damage. Typically, you must remain at the accident site until the police arrive. But in certain situations, you have the option to fill out an online reporting form.

For instance, you might have encountered a truck crash during a snowstorm. It could have led to minor damage and no severe injuries. When you try to call the police, they might be caught up attending to other severe crashes. Hence, when you dial 911, you will have the chance to report the crash online.

Seek Medical Attention

Consult a doctor and get yourself checked after the truck crash. You might not feel major pain or discomfort right after the accident. It’s because your body takes time to recover from the initial shock. There can be internal injuries or bleeding, and you might get to see the symptoms later.

Therefore, a thorough medical check-up is necessary to rule out any soft tissue damage, organ damage, or other fatal injuries.

Collect Vital Evidence

You must gather as much evidence as you can from the accident scene. Take images and videos of the accident scene to establish how you and your vehicle have been affected. A before-and-after picture always helps to establish the degree of suffering and loss.

The images can also include passengers, witnesses, and other drivers. It can be used to establish vital details, like road conditions when the truck collided with your car. Writing facts can also help. You can take notes on any security cameras present in the region and other facts that could have led to the crash.

Consult a Lawyer

Now that you’ve reported the accident to the police, sought medical attention, and gathered evidence, it’s time for the next vital step. You need to consult a Colorado Springs personal injury attorney. They will help you in your legal battle.

Share the crash details with them, along with your medical documents and collected evidence. They will study the case thoroughly and determine if you qualify for a lawsuit. Then your lawyer will use the evidence to build a solid case that highlights your sufferings. If they need more evidence, they will use their contacts and get it.

As the case proceeds, your lawyer will also let you know about the probable settlement payout, which will vary from person to person. It’s because the settlement amount gets decided by the degree of suffering, which is never the same. Once you get the amount, you can use it to cover all economic and non-economic damages that you’ve endured.

In conclusion, when you are driving through the streets of Colorado Springs, you might get hit by a heavy truck. This can happen despite you following all the traffic rules. In most cases, this crash will lead to vehicle damage and physical injuries. Hence, you need to get medical attention to treat your bruises. After that, you can seek legal recourse to get fair compensation.

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