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Vishal and Varalaxmi – yet another break up

After Amala Paul – A L Vijay kollywood was shocked with Soundarya Rajinikanth – Ashwin’s divorce news. Now the Kollywood is completely confused with Varalaxmi’s tweet, which has given rise to a rumor that Vishal and Varalaxmi breaks up their relationship.

Varalaxmi and Vishal are close friends from their childhood. When there was a talk that, both are in a relationship the couple neither accepted nor denied it. Between Vishal and Varalaxmi’s father Sharathkumar the terms were not good. Recently Sharathkumar has been suspended from Nadigar Sangam, it seems this may have affected the couple’s relationship.

In this situation Varalaxmi has tweeted that, ‘Breakups hv reached a new low.. a guy broke up a 7yr relationship thru his manager.. lol what’s has the world come too..whr is the love..?!’. This has raised a lot of questions that, whom does she means? Is that Vishal or someone else? Thought she hasn’t mentioned anything directly, people believed that it’s a break up between Vishal and Varalaxmi.

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