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Teddy – Review

The Tamil fantasy action movie, written and directed by Shakti Soundar Rajan, starring Arya, Sayyeshaa, Sathish and Karunakaran. Sakshi Agarwal plays an extended cameo and Director Magizh Thirumeni has debuted as an actor in this movie. An animated teddy bear, Teddy, plays a vital role.

D Imman contributed the music while S Yuva handles the camera and the movie is produced by Gnanavel Raja under his banner ‘Studio Green’.

Srividya (Sayyeshaa), a college student, was travelling with her friends in a bus which meets with an accident, injuring a biker.  Sayyeshaa, trying to help the injured person, hurts herself and both are taken to hospital. The dishonest hospital staff, having link with a human organs trading gang, give some false treatment in the name of first aid, push her in to a comatose state, with a plan to trade with her organs. In the scuffle, her spirit leaves her body and takes refuge in a toy teddy bear. She finds Shiva (Arya), fighting for protecting a helpless woman and joins with him to save her life. What happens further and whether Arya could save her, is the rest of the movie.

Arya as a romantic as well as an action hero excels. The fight sequences are choreographed with novelty, especially the sequences in the train and in the pub at Azerbaijani are thrilling. But his robotic expressions, at times, are confusing.

The main performer of the movie, Teddy, is done so perfectly and nicely. The technical hands behind the animation of Teddy deserve applause. And it makes the job easier for the lead Sayyeshaa, as she appears at the beginning and at the end of the movie. And in her short screen time, she earns the appreciation and the sympathy of the audience with her cute performance.

Satheesh and Karunakaran have less scope but they entertain us with some jokes sometimes. Magizh Thirumeni doesn’t fit well as an antagonist.

The main plus of the movie is the soft and mind blowing music of D Imman. The neat frames of the cinematographer Yuva also adds to the viewing experience and supports the movie.

The writing is absurd at many places like, Sayyeshaa’s spirit, not bothered about her body in the possession of the criminals and plays in pubs and clinging with Arya. And everyone is casual with a walking and talking teddy bear amidst them. And the slow pace of the movie doesn’t change even in urgent situations.

 In spite of all the good works like, music, cinematography, the fantastic CG works and the different plot which has a lot of scope for entertainment, the movie fails in engaging the audience. It might be interesting to children.

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