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Pencil – Review

Pencil a tamil film directed and written by Mani Natarajan, former assistant of gautham menon, produced by S P Ragavesh, starring G V Prakash Kumar and Sri Divya also music done by G V Prakash.

A perfect student studying in s famous private school is characterized by G V Prakash. Sharique Hassan studying in the same school has no good terms with G V Prakash. Sri Divya daughter of the commissioner also studying inĀ  the same school initially neglects G V Prakash, later turns his side. In the middle of the movie G V Prakash gets stuck in a mishap. G V Prakash and Sri Divya’s struggle to get relived from the incident is the rest movie.

Though the movie released late it is the debut movie of G V Prakash as actor. Being a famous music director and a married person, G V Prakash has taken the risk of playing a school student role. Also he has succeeded in that. Not like usual movies Sri Divya has got equal space as G V Prakash to perform.

The timing comedy and body language of Mirchi Sha who comes as G V Prakash’s friend is good. each and every scene he appears in screen, the theater is filled with laughter. It seems he is under-utilized. Sharique Hassan perfectly suits the character of a upper class boy.

The music, also done by G V Prakash, is not impressive as his other albums, also it does not go with the movie. Gopi Amarnath’s cinematography plays magic in many scenes. The screenplay has a lot of logical lapse, many irrelevant characters are coming and going. It is very clear that the screenplay is built after finalising the situation and characters.

Also they have included some usual matters in private schools like, love affair within the teachers and business competition within the schools. Urvashi comes as an auditor from the ISO certifying commity. Though she is a good performer she has no space to perform. Dialogs says there are 3500 students and 500 staffs in the school. But not even single shot covers such a crowd.

With a good story and a well performing cast the director must have created magic. But the logical lapse, short and confusing climax shows the complacent attitude of the director.

‘Pencil’ its blunt..

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