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Maara – Review

‘Maara’ is a Tamil romantic drama, starring Madhavan, Shraddah Srinath, Sshivada, Abhirami and Mouli. MS Bhaskar, Kishore, RS Shivaji, Seema, Guru Somasundaram, Sivabalan and Alexander Babu are in supporting roles.

Dhilip Kumar is the director and the movie is produced by Prateek Chakravorty and Shruti Nallappa under the banner ‘Pramod Films’. The film was released on 08th January 2021 in the Amazon Prime Video.

The movie is a remake of the Malayalam hit movie of Martin Prakkat, ‘Charlie’, released in 2015, starring Dulquer Salmaan, Parvathy Thiruvothu, Aparna Gopinath, and Nedumudi Venu. ‘Charlie’ received positive reviews and was a box office super hit. The movie won more than 30 awards and over 50 nominations.

The story is around the journey of Paaru (Parvathy), a restoration artist who leaves her home to avoid the marriage set by her parents. She sets to Kerala and happens to come across the murals by Maara (Maaran), reflecting the stories she heard from her grandmother.

In curiosity, she starts searching for Maara. She meets the people knowing Maara and gradually falls in love with him only by whatever she hears from them. Her search for her soul mate and how she meets him is the rest of the story.

Madhavan in the lead role has exhibited his clean acting. He has not tried to imitate Dulquer Salmaan and portrayed the character of Maara in his unique style. Many times he is too stiff and especially when Paaru and Maara meet at the last, Madhavan’s stiffness dilutes the effect it should have been. Shraddha has wide scope in the movie and attracts the audience by her every small expressions.

The supporting actors like MS Bhaskar, Mouli, Kishore and Abhirami have done remarkable performance and added charm to the movie. Alexander Babu entertains us with his timely comedy.

The debutant director Dhilip Kumar deserves a pat for making the apt changes in the screenplay as per the Tamil audience, while remaking the super hit Malayalam movie. And he proves promising with the perfect star selection and the care taken in the picturization.

The beautiful cinematography of Dinesh Krishna and Karthik Muthukumar, makes the movie a visual treat, better than the original. The background score of Ghibran is very pleasant and adds effect to the scenes. The art director Ajayan Challisery has done an amazing work with perfection in minute things and the attractive murals.

The first half is more engaging than the second. The climax could have been more emotional.

‘Maara’ is an entertaining emotional drama which is a visual treat.

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