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Kodi – Review

Kodi Movie Review

Kodi Movie – Kaaki Sattai director R S Durai Senthilkumar’s next venture Kodi is a full fledged political thriller, which stands different in showing the difficulty of a politician in the society, rather that blaming them.

Dhanush in dual roles has excellently executed two distinct characters of a politician and a polite college professor. The characterizations of the two female leads are good. For Trisha it seems like a very heavy role but she has delivered her best to justify it, her looks and body language requires more concentration. Anupama Parameswaran looks beautiful on screen, her own dubbed voice has a slight Malayalam slang which might have been avoided. Not only in comedy Kaali Venkat as Dhanush’s friend has scored in emotions also. S A Chandrasekhar appears for a short while and delivers an intense performance which makes us wanting more screen space for him. All the other cast members have given a flawless performance.

Santhosh Narayanan’s songs and BGM have well supported the movie and in no places his BGM has affected the flow of the movie. Cinematography of Venkatesh and editing of Prakash Mabbu has done the need to the movie. The dialogues are good and have given the required essence of a political thriller movie. The director has taken a usual plot of politics and has given a well framed screenplay.

Also director’s idea of using the ego clash between the male and female lead for the main twist of the film is appreciable. The first half moves in a fast phase but the second half lags in speed with a dull screenplay. Most scenes remind us of the other political thriller movie we have scene, but the different characterizations and unexpected twists in the movie negotiates the déjà vu effect the movie creates. Kodi is a good entertaining and well presented political thriller that manages to engage the audience throughout the movie.

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