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KO2 – Review

Chief Minister Prakash Raj is being abducted by Bobi Simha. The Police and Media traces and surrounds their location. The movie is all about Who is Bobi Simha? and Why he is abducting the Chief Minister.

A full-fledged political thriller, just before the assembly elections. The Chief Minister of a state is abducted and all the police and media surrounded the location….. The situation is very heavy. But the scenes and the settings are not to.

They have touched a lot of the current political issues. And certain dialogs are also sharp and appreciable. Still they don’t make any impact.

There are many slips in the characterisation too, comedian speaking emotionally, terror commissioner making comedy, good actors gettingĀ  no room to perform and so on. The music and cinematography could not help when main screenplay itself is weak.

The point the movie has conveyed is that when a leader is perfect, but some of his subordinates are corrupt, it affects the leader and finally the public. Had they told it some more boldly it would have been better.

Taken a heavy and serious subject but both missing in the picturisation.

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