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Kabali – Review

Kabali Movie Review

Kabali is not a usual Rajini formula film. Rajinikanth is an aged don in Malaysia fighting for the equality of Tamilians there. He is a do gooder, yet has a lot of charges on him but everything done for good cause. The don gets released after 25 years of imprisonment goes in search of his family whereas his opposite gangsters are trying to finish him off. What happens further is the rest movie.

Rajinikanth’s looks are amazing, with blazers, coolers and beard he looks as 40’s. He has again proven his acting skills. Expression switch over, style, dialogues everything are amazing. Especially the scene, he enters into the house and imagines as his wife talking with him is heart touching. Radhika Apte has given an extraordinary performance, she perfectly suits the role. With her expressive eyes she has scored in emotions, each time she appears on screen she enhances the character of Rajinikanth.

Dhansika is having a stunning look and has nailed it. She has well portrayed her character. Dinesh’s role is wonderfully designed and he has done justice to it, also he wins applause in certain scenes. But the villain characters of Kishore and Tony Lee are not that strong to stand against a big mass hero like Rajinikanth. Santhosh Narayanan’s songs and BGM has well supported the movie.

The first half of the movie is good, introducing the don increases the expectation towards the movie and the emotional move in the pre-interval scene is melting. But the second half moves very slowly with Kabali searching his wife. Particularly the car travel scenes tests our patience. The director’s ideology of doing the movie in his own style is appreciable but he fails in understanding the mindset of a Superstar fan.

The story element doesn’t fulfill the high expectations about the film. Most of the scenes are predictable even the climax. There are a lot of dialogues conveying social problems which makes it insipid. The movie lags in the entertainment factor. On the whole the movie didn’t create the fire as it was promoted. It’s a onetime watch movie for super star and the co-starrer’s performance.

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