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Kaashmora – Review

Kaashmora movie the horror thriller has Karthik as Kaashmora, who with the help of his family fools the public by doing some black magic tricks and earns good some from big hands in the society. Thus everyone believes that Kaashmora is the best in riding away the ghosts. Then this Kaashmora gets trapped in a house where there are some evil sprits. Then comes the flash back about the evil sprits in the house. What happens then, how did Karthik manage to escape from the haunted house is the rest about the movie.

Karthik is the one who carries the movie in his shoulders, he has nailed it in both his characters. As the black magic expert Kaashmora he has succeeded in rising laughter within audience and he is terrifying as Raj Nayak. Nayanthara as Rathna Mahadevi appears only for a short while, but has perfectly done the job assigned to her. Sri Divya comes throughout the movie but she fails to create any impact. Vivek as Kaashmora’s father has managed to bring out some laughter.

The movie is very sound in its technical aspects, especially CG works has taken the movie to the next level. All the VFX scenes are perfect and elevate the screenplay. Also the cinematography of Om Prakash is excellent and his camera angles did not fail to create the effect of a horror thriller. Santhosh Narayanan’s music is not up to the mark. The production banner has well supported this epic supernatural comedy thriller.

In the first half comedy has worked well, but it takes quite long time to get into the story. But the well planned and executed screenplay manages to entertain the audience. But the main drawback is both the hero and villain being the same person, this reduces the excitement of rival between the hero and villain. Kaashmora is a strong screenplay with super performances supported by fine VFX effects, its worth watching it.

Kaashmora Movie Trailer

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